About Steff Deschenes

Steff Deschenes speaks in run-on sentences. And she writes in fragments.

She wrote an award winning indie book about how ice cream and people are alike, and she's got a brand new book out called EAT THE YEAR.

When she can remember to do so, Steff Deschenes also writes different series here on her blog: the most recent being "Know what I love?" (which is a way to stay in the moment and grateful every day for any and everything that makes her happy), and in the past "Fact is Better" (stories that prove that fact is better than fiction every time) and its counterpart "Maybe It's Me" (personal essays on topics she knows she can't be the only one thinking about).

Steff Deschenes, a vegetarian-striving-to-be-vegan (with a sprinkle of gluten-free, too), is also food-obsessed. After taking photos of herself at dinner every night for nearly five years, and eating nearly all the national food holidays, she's currently attempting to eat the official foods for each state in the U.S. over at Almanac of Eats.

Her rabbit is one of her best friends, she's having a bad hair life, and believes beets - while delicious - taste like the color green.

Finally, Steff Deschenes has been known to stand in airports holding a sign that says, "Free hugs."