July 11, 2012

Fact is Better: Everything Is A Dollar

I'm quite smitten with The Dollar Store. I like that everything... everything... is just a buck. Mascara, coffee mugs, toilet paper, iced tea, brooms, streamers, neon glow sticks, sunglasses, electrical tape, coloring books, cookies...

It's. All. A. Dollar.

Why is this such a difficult concept for some people to understand?

The Photographer: "Is everything here really a dollar?"
Me: "Yes, that's why its called The Dollar Store."
The Photographer: *picks up a martini glass* "Seriously, this is a dollar?!"
Me: "EVERYTHING IS A DOLLAR AT THE DOLLAR STORE. If we were in England, it'd be called The Pound Store and everything would be one pound. But if we were in Canada it would also be called The Dollar Store and everything would be... Can you guess?... A dollar."
The Photographer: "I GET THE POINT. And wouldn't it be called the Loony Store in Canada? Or Toonie Store?"
Me: "Loony is one. Toonie would be... Two. TOOney."
The Photographer: "Oh, right."
Me: *continuing down the sarcasm path* "See these tortilla chips? They're a dollar. See this salsa? It's a dollar. Together? They're two dollars. Because everything here...
The Photographer: *interrupting* "... is a dollar, I get it.  *suddenly he runs over to a large display excitedly* "NO WAY - THEY HAVE RAMEN. Is this a dollar? NO WAY! THIS IS JUST A DOLLAR! Can you believe that?!"
Me: "... You're kidding right now, right?"

He was not.

True story!

And further proof that fact is better than fiction.