January 15, 2010

Fact is Better: Are You a Hungry Hippo!?

Exhaustion and hunger either make things really funny.

Or not funny at all.

Me: “What do you want to do for dinner?”
The Photographer: “Pizza again? Or should we do something different?”
Me: “I don’t know. But I’m a hungry hippo.”
The Photographer: “So we should have marbles.”
Me: “That’s cool, just as long as no one smacks my ass repeatedly to force-feed me them.”
The Photographer: “ . . . dirty thoughts all around.”
Me: “Perv! All I want to do is eat. And you take a children-friendly game combined with the human necessity to consume calories solely for the purpose of converting it into energy to survive as a race a dirty thing! You’re. A. Perv.”

*hours later after we’ve finished eating The Photographer winds up and smacks my ass*

Me: *glaring at him* “Excuse me!”
The Photographer: “It’s not like I could do it when we were sitting at the dinner table!  And I wanted to make sure you got the entire Hungry, Hungry Hippo experience!”
Me: *stares at him incredulously*
The Photographer: *shrugs innocently*  "What?  What?!  You said you were a hungry hippo.  And in the game you slam a button on their butts." *sheepishly he finishes* "Y'know, to make them eat?"
Me: "Yes.  I know.  I get it." *I walk away and shake my head*
The Photographer: *throws up hands*  "Not funny?  Aww, c'mon!"

Did I mention The Photographer claims he's shy and introverted?

Ya.  Okay.

True story.

And further proof that fact is better than fiction.