January 4, 2018

Soundtrack 2017: The Year of The New Normal

An annual end of year tradition for me is to create a playlist, or soundtrack if you will, describing my life over the course of the past year using songs I discovered within that time frame.

Here's my personal soundtrack to 2017. . . 
(What happens when the abnormal becomes commonplace? When a "previously unfamiliar or atypical situation becomes the standard, the usual, the expected"? That's the New Normal. Welcome to all of this past year: a bizarre, exhausting year for mankind, mother nature, and all God's creatures big and small.)

Opening Credits – "Same Old Blues" by Phantogram
Waking Up Song - "Lavender" by Two Door Cinema Club
Just Your Average Day - "Coconut Kiss" by Niki & The Dove
My Personal Earworm – "Eat Shiitake Mushrooms" by Let's Eat Grandma
Oh, She Works - "Can't Keep Checking My Phone" by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
And She Works, and She Works – "UGH!" by The 1975
This Year Be Like- "FKWTU" by Fortunes.
On Top Of The World (Despite It All) – "The Man" by The Killers
Flirting - "Girls Like Me" by Will Joseph Cook
The Way You Make Me Feel - "ILYSB" by LANY
I Just Don't Know What I Want - "On + Off" by Maggie Rogers
Beginning Love (When It's Good) - "Wedding Daze" by Daniel Wilson
End Love (When It's Good) - "Bridge Burn" by Little Comets
Balm for an INFJ Soul - "Wave(s)" by Lewis Del Mar
Deep Thoughts – "Where The Wild Things Are" by Patrick Watson
Long Night Alone – "The Other Side Of Paradise" by Glass Animals
Mental Breakdown - "Devil Like Me" by Rainbow Kitten Surprise
Nothing Changes, Everything Changes - "Changes" by Mutemath
Everything Changes, Nothing Changes - "New Person, Same Old Mistakes" by Tame Impala
The World Is A Hot Mess - "Noise Pollution" by Portugal. The Man.
ENOUGH HEAVY, LET'S DANCE!!! - "All Night" by Chance The Rapper
NOW SING LOUD!!!- "Hard Times" by Paramore
The New Normal- "This Is How We Walk On The Moon" by Geographer
Take A Drive, Clear Your Mind - "Touch" by Alice Ivy
My Hope For Next Year - "Somewhere" by Ruth
End Credits - "22 (Over Soon)" by Bon Iver
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti - "Shri Guru Charanam" by Krishna Das